Patriotic Martyr, Ham Seuk Eun

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A patriotic martyr, Ham Seuk Eun was born in Yongcheon, Pyeonganbukdo province. He is the publisher of <The Sound of a Seed> and the second cousin of Ham Seuk Hun, who establish the public enlightenment campaign. Not much are known about his parents and limited details of his past events were specified. But an article written by the DongA Daily news at the time of 8/18/1928 indicates his death in that year with extra information of him graduating Meiji University in Japan 10 years ago.

After finishing his study overseas, he stopped his duty as a teacher at Pyongyang, Sungdeok University and gathered many students and teachers from pyongan province as chief executive and led 3.1 independence movement.

Unfortunately, the Movement was not able to reach its success, leaving him to go over Gwanjeonhyeon of Manchuria, joining with Jo Jae-gun, Oh Hak soo, Ji Eoung-jin and Park Young woo. After they created Korea independence young men's association, He became the chief editor and published a bulletin named <Peninsula the Ministry of youth>. Although the newspaper was initially created for the purpose to support the wounded temporarily government and obtain funds for anti-Japanese movement, no records were found to identify when it was publicized till.

Subsequently, he accumulated scattered young men's associations and organized them into Korea youth associate federation, having An Byungchan as a president, Kim Seung man as vice president and himself as head of the organization.




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