Patriotic Martyr, Park Gun

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Patriotic martyr Park Gun is from Gyeongsangbuk-do province. His original name is Eui Yeon(義然) and has a nickname called Hae Sa(海簑). He joined Sin Dol seok's army of justice once the Japan-Korea Treaty was concluded. While he was active as the executive of New People's Association in year 1909, he had to seek asylum in Tonghwahyeon, Seogan Island accompanied with Yi Sang-ryong and Kim Dong sam after being uncovered by Japanese police force in year 1911. At that place, while he was managing a school with Lee Dong ha and Yun Se bok, he concurrently grouped tramps and formed an organization out of them for the purpose to participate in independence movement.

In year 1914, he established Namheung school at Haseogu province and appointed himself as the principle and in the same year, April, he formed the association of the Korean race at the province of Samwonbo with Lee Sang ryong, Kim Dong sam and was selected as a center member of a legislative body to act upon fundraising for necessary war funds.

In 1916 March, he shot and killed the head leader of the Japanese police force, Yu Gil seon, at Tonghwahyeon Idogu along with two members of the independence circuit, Han Chi ong and Park Eung seo. In 1919, he represented the Korea Universal Principle ministry but was caught by Japanese force and condemned death penalty. Luckily, he was rescued on the way to the execution ground by Japanese force's translator, Kim Ja sun, and his brothers Se jin, Myung Jin.

In 1923, he participated in the council of the representatives held in Shanghai to recover the national rights but was not able to reach the final actual result due to a confrontation. He dedicated lots of effort in training upcoming generation at Hwangjidun, Killim Province after returning to Manchuria.

In 1927 March, he was also selected as the delegate for the north Manchuria to promote growth of independence with other representors from Manchuria. In 1933, With Nam Ja hyun and Lee Kyu dong, three of them planned to murder the Japanese Ambassador, Muto Nobuyoshi(武藤信義). However, the plan went demolished due to the arrestment of Nam Ja-hyun. Park Gun was given posthumous honor of Merit for National Foundation in year 1990.


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